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Washing Machine & Dryer

Washing Machine and Dryer Repair Service

Keeping You on Top of Everyday Life

Arguably washing machines and dryers are the most indispensable home appliances. There’s even a TED Talk about how they’re the greatest invention of the Industrial Revolution. Washers are essential for keeping your clothes tidy and clean and saving your precious time. Dryers come to the assistance during cold winter months or when you simply need to get your outfit dry in a hurry. We understand that a washing machine or dryer failure can spell a real disaster in your daily life therefore we offer 24/7 on-site repair service in Winnipeg, Manitoba and London, Ontario, together with the surrounding areas. Our fully trained engineers will promptly identify the problem and provide the best repair solution. Don’t wait for further complications, limit the risk of water damage, just contact us.

Common Washing Machine and Dryer Issues We Repair

Our team has carried out hundreds of washers and dryer repairs of different complexity. No matter what type of malfunction your home appliance has our qualified engineers will fix it as fast as possible.  

Contact Us If You Notice Any of These Washing Machine and Dryer Problems:

  • The washing machines is dead or won’t turn on
  • The washing machine fails to spin properly
  • The washing machine doesn’t drain
  • The washing machine leaking from bottom/ front/ under sink
  • The washing machine makes strange noise
  • The washing machine does not complete its cycle
  • The washing machine doesn’t fill properly
  • The washing machine is not spinning properly or at all
  • Wash cycles leave spots on clothes
  • Wash cycles leave soap in clothes
  • The dryer doesn’t turn on or off
  • Clothes take too long to dry
  • The dryer works, but doesn’t get hot
  • The dryer gets too hot
  • The dryer gets hot, but the clothes won’t dry
  • The clothes were torn up in the dryer
  • The dryer is too noisy
  • The dryer keeps spinning even when I open the door
  • The dryer doesn’t spin 

Washing Machine and Dryer Brands We Commonly Service:

Even the most complicated models of washing machines and dryers by any brand are no match for our highly trained engineers. Our team can usually manage minor repairs within an hour and major repairs within just one day. 


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